Not all spiders are poisonous, and not everyone is allergic to spiders. However, a bite can be uncomfortable and even painful. Depending on the symptoms that are bothering you the most, there are home remedies you can choose for treating a spider bite.

Remedy To Prevent Infection

A spider bite can become infected and spread. An easy way to prevent complications is using hydrogen peroxide. A small amount of peroxide on the bite will kill the infection so you can heal.

To Reduce Swelling

There are simple remedies to reduce swelling. You can use an ice pack or a cold compress. You can use a paste made of crushed aspirin and water, baking soda and water, or a paste made of turmeric and olive oil. Apply any of these remedies directly to the bite.

Cure For Itching

A water and baking soda paste can also cure the itching caused by a spider bite.

You May Need To See A Doctor

If home remedies do not work, consult with your physician. He may prescribe hydrocortisone cream or another medication.

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